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Tag: death

Nineteen farmers died!

Boulders the capacity of school busses lay where they had poured rid of its negative side. Nineteen farmers died here when she first began to evolve. I could barely see the tiers location that the farmers grew their crops up her side. I’d no problem picturing these gentle people tending to their own fields moments before the volcano consumed them. On to the left lay the remains of entire villages covered with five to fifteen feet of ash that had hardened like concrete just rained. A local journalist stood next to my advice trying get where her house once stood. She failed find it. All the landmarks she once would often locate her property in the past were all now gone, either buried or burnt away.

When Walter the High Steward married Robert the Bruce’s daughter Marjory inside of 14th century, little did they can be assured their descendants would take the crowns of Scotland and England for the next 400 years ending with Queen of Peace Salem Anne in 1714. The words, High Steward become corrupted to Stuart, or Stewart over the years.

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